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Cat's Eye with Jade, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine

Cat's Eye with Jade, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine

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Cat's eye is the stone that protects against unforessen danger. The bracelet together with Citrine which is a stone for clarity and good luck, Jade for prospertiy and Madagascar Rose Quartz for love is the right balance.


Is Beautylyfe an international brand?
Yes. We also have in Turkey and New Jersey

Do you accept resellers or affiliates?
Yes. As long as you comply with the minimum order required and believe in our company's motto.

Do you customize your packages?
Yes. Just advice us in advance what you want.

Do you prepare gifts straight from your store to your customers?
Yes! We actually are excited to make one for your special person. We can have it delivered to you requested address. Shipping may vary depending on the location you requested. Shop Now
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